About ARF & ARC


The ARCs are staged by members of the Asian Racing Federation (ARF). The ARF is the peak regional body for thoroughbred racing in Asia, Australasia, Arabia and South Africa. Currently the ARF has 21 Full Members and 1 Associate Member. Racing-related bodies from Indonesia, Kuwait and Turkmenistan are Affiliate Members of the Federation.

The ARF’s activities include:

  • Promoting and facilitating the internationalisation of racing
  • Quality control of ‘black type’, which the ARF carries out through its Asian Pattern Committee
  • Harmonization of the rules of racing and of drug control across its members throughout the region
  • Assisting the development of racing throughout the ARF footprint
  • For more information on the ARF please visit

ARC – Global Conference for a Global Sport

The first ARC was held in Tokyo in 1960, attended by 69 delegates from 12 racing organisations representing seven countries. An ARC has been held approximately every 2 years since that time, with delegate numbers swelling to more than 800 from more than 30 countries, including many delegates from Europe, North America and South America.

Sequence of ARCs

  Month Year Host Country
1st May 1960 Japan
2nd Sep 1961 Singapore
3rd Apr 1963 Australia
4th Nov 1964 Philippines
5th Jan 1966 India
6th Jan 1967 Thailand
7th Jan 1968 New Zealand
8th Mar 1969 Japan
9th Sep 1970 Malaysia/
10th Mar 1972 Australia
11th May 1973 Turkey
12th Nov 1974 Philippines
13th Dec 1976 India
14th Dec 1978 Hong Kong
15th Sep 1980 Korea
16th Jan 1982 Thailand
17th Jan 1984 New Zealand
18th Oct 1985 Japan
19th Mar 1987 Malaysia/
20th Sep 1988 Australia
21st Jul 1990 Turkey
22nd Dec 1991 Hong Kong
23rd Feb 1993 Philippines
24th Jan 1995 India
25th Jan 1997 South Africa
26th Jan 1999 Macau
27th Mar 2000 Malaysia/
28th Nov 2001 Thailand
29th Mar 2003 New Zealand
30th May 2005 Korea
31st Jan 2007 UAE
32nd Nov 2008 Japan
33rd Apr 2010 Australia
34th Jul 2012 Turkey
35th May 2014 Hong Kong
Conference Month Year Host Country
1st Conference May 1960 Japan
2nd Conference September 1961 Singapore
3rd Conference April 1963 Australia
4th Conference November 1964 Philippines
5th Conference January 1966 India
6th Conference January 1967 Thailand
7th Conference January 1968 New Zealand
8th Conference March 1969 Japan
9th Conference September 1970 Malaysia/Singapore
10th Conference March 1972 Australia
11th Conference May 1973 Turkey
12th Conference November 1974 Philippines
13th Conference December 1976 India
14th Conference December 1978 Hong Kong
15th Conference September 1980 Korea
16th Conference January 1982 Thailand
17th Conference January 1984 New Zealand
18th Conference October 1985 Japan
19th Conference March 1987 Malaysia/Singapore
20th Conference September 1988 Australia
21st Conference July 1990 Turkey
22nd Conference December 1991 Hong Kong
23rd Conference February 1993 Philippines
24th Conference January 1995 India
25th Conference January 1997 South Africa
26th Conference January 1999 Macau
27th Conference March 2000 Malaysia/Singapore
28th Conference November 2001 Thailand
29th Conference March 2003 New Zealand
30th Conference May 2005 Korea
31st Conference January 2007 UAE
32nd Conference November 2008 Japan
33rd Conference April 2010 Australia
34th Conference July 2012 Turkey
35th Conference May 2014 Hong Kong
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